Die & Mold Plain-Bearing Bushings

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Die and mold production bushings reduce friction and wear between parts. They come in plain and ball bearing forms. Plain bearing bushings are sleeve-shaped liners that absorb the friction of rotating shafts. They are less durable than ball bearings because they lack rolling elements to reduce wear but they self-lubricate and are made of tough materials.


A fully integrated manufacturer of die sets, we provide a full range of standard and specialty die set options. Manufacturing premium components for die makers and metal stampers, including Guide Pins, Bushings, and Ball Bearing Retainer Cages ("Ball Cages") in the major industry-accepted configurations.


Die & Mold Bushings & Dowels MSC has a complete selection of die and mold bushings, and dowels for your equipment. We carry shoulder, straight, ejector and sprue die and mold bushings that will reduce the wear of machine parts. Our selection also includes tubular dowels, as well as self-lubricating, press-fit and demountable bushings.