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Which material is best suited for light duty bearings?

Material Science - Mechanical Engineering Questions andMechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Material Science } Which of the following is better suited for lighter duty bearings....

What is the bearing of South?

AZIMUTHS AND COMPASS QUADRANT BEARINGS'North', 'south', 'northeast', 'southeast'that's how I'm used to giving directions! I'm much more comfortable...


QWhat is the difference between plain bearings and rolling bearings?

APlain bearings are generally optimized for a single speed, while rolling bearings can tolerate a wider speed range, more suitable for variable speed drives.

QWhat is spherical plain bearing?

AA spherical plain bearing is a bearing that permits angular rotation about a central point in two orthogonal directions (usually within a specified angular limit based on the bearing geometry).

QHow is a steel ball bearing used?

ABy minimizing friction, a steel ball bearing also reduces wear between two pieces of metal, which can reduce maintenance requirements and extend the like of the objects. To understand how a steel ball bearing is used, it's helpful to picture the wheels on a skateboard.

QDo ball bearings need lubrication?

ASo most bearings use cages to separate and evenly space the balls. These cages cause friction and to reduce this friction, you generally need to lubricate your bearings, often with thick grease to ensure a long lifespan.

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